Join Us

Since we became our own non-profit in 2019, we relied on membership dollars to support and help us grow. As our organization has evolved, we realize that we need a broader base of sustainable support than just a membership fee from a limited number of people.

Our stakeholders are our strongest supporters, both financially and through their volunteerism and participation. They have made our community stronger and more impactful. Now, we want to expand participation by creating more ways for people to contribute and participate. The stakeholder term is less about exclusivity and more about engaged supporters. To further emphasize this, we have now set our membership fee at $0.

The responsibilities of stakeholders include:


  1. Voting to elect new board members.
  2. Attending the Annual Meeting and providing input on the organizational direction.
  3. Becoming regular attendees at events.
  4. Supporting the organization through talents and resources by volunteering time and expertise.
  5. Being an advocate for the organization and sharing the value of the organization with others through personal connections and on social media.
  6. Financially supporting the organization when possible.


You can opt in to become a stakeholder by completing the form below.