106th Summit

Cultivating Conscious Leadership Cultures

July 9-12, 2024 remote and in-person at Montclair State University

How do conscious leadership cultures impact wellbeing,

engagement, purpose, relationships, innovation, results, and more?

The LFC’s 2024, its 106th year, summit will focus on Cultivating Conscious Leadership Cultures. We want to build on what we have learned about Conscious Leadership. We want to learn what conscious leadership cultures look like, feel like, and the impact they have. Ultimately, we believe a rubric could be created that can help leaders, organizations, and communities grow into and sustain their culture to be a more conscious and impactful one.

Join us at the 2024 Leadership Forum Summit on July 9-12 online or in-person at Montclair State University, New Jersey.

Together we will explore and synthesize the transformative power of conscious leadership cultures. You will have an opportunity to:


  • Engage with local and global provocateurs as they share stories, innovations, research, and best practices.
  • Connect with a committed conscious leadership community.
  • Obtain a number of conscious leadership tools, resources, and practices to enhance your personal leadership journey and/or to implement in your organizations and communities.

Join us at the 2024 Leadership Forum Summit on July 9-12 online or

in-person at Montclair State University, New Jersey.


Registration form BELOW!

How to Join

Be a Participant
We encourage participants to step away from their daily life and engage in some wonderful work on the future of leadership outside of the conventional workplace setting. The goal is for individuals to take what they learn and utilize it to enhance their personal leadership journey and/or bring ideas back to their organizations, communities, and society. To be a participant, complete the registration form.

Be a Virtual Hub Host
We encourage smaller groups of at least four individuals to gather in one place and attend the Summit together. The leader of this group, or the Hub Host, will be granted free registration to the Summit as a way to compensate for providing others with the space to gather. Whether it is a group of colleagues, classmates, or friends – this is the best way to attend the summit virtually, but still benefit from in-person discussions. To be a virtual hub host or participant, complete the registration form. You will be required to provide the name of your organization or your virtual hub host.

Be a Sponsor
We encourage individuals or corporations to be a sponsor allowing us to further enhance the quality and experience of the Summit to all. Different sponsorship options are available each with its own benefits for the sponsor. See Sponsorship Packages below.

What to Expect

In-Person Experience
In-person attendees will convene at Montclair State University. This is the best way to experience the Summit! The campus sits on 252 acres and has more than 22,000 students. Attendees will be able to interact face-to-face with other participants and have the time to connect outside of the intensive group sessions. Meals will be provided throughout the Summit. The university is located at Valley Rd. and Normal Ave., Montclair, N.J., one mile south of the junction of Routes 3 and 46. Click here for more information on directions.

Remote Experience
Remote attendees will have the opportunity to join the Summit live via Zoom. Your participation matters! You will not only be a spectator but we will provide you with the space to contribute to discussions and share your thoughts throughout the Summit.

Registration Details

2024 Summit Pricing

The registration pricing above does not include accommodation costs. Payments for accommodation will be made separately. See below for more information.


As an in-person attendee, you have the option of staying on campus or at a nearby hotel.

There are single rooms available at the on-campus dorms for a price of $80 a night. This price includes the linen package. The dorms have AC and private baths.


  • Click here to book a single room for 3 nights at $80/night totalling fixed price of  $240

Sponsorship Packages


1. What is included in my registration fee?
Three and a half day program led by incredible provocateurs, in addition to meals and snacks throughout the day.


2. What is not included in my registration fee?
Accommodation costs ($80/night in dorms or higher for local hotels) and parking costs ($5/day) at Montclair State University.


3. Can I bring my family?
Unfortunately, the campus does not allow children.


4. How do I get to Montclair State University?

Their address is 1 Normal Ave, Montclair, NJ 07043. Click here for directions.

  • There are 2 train stops right on campus: University Heights and Montclair State University
  • From New York City Penn Station, it is a 1 hour train ride and a 48 minute drive.
  • The closest airport is Newark Airport (25 minute drive and 1 hour and 20 minute train ride)


5. What is the dress code?
The Leadership Forum Community has always provided a casual and relaxed space for people to convene. You may wear whatever makes you comfortable!


6. Your question not listed here? Send us an email!

Google Map

Summit Agenda

Stay tuned for updates on our Summit program!

Our Provocateurs

Shawntee Reed
Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Block

Mies de Koning
VP, Organizational Development and Learning at The Rockefeller Foundation

Mike Morrison, Ph.D.
Co-Author of Create Meaningful Change and Founder of the University of Toyota

Maha El-Sheikh

Co-Director, Courage of Care Coalition

Brooke D. Lavelle

Co-Director, Courage of Care Coalition

Paul Martinez

Chief Leadership and Human Capital Strategist

at W.K. Kellogg Foundation

and more to be announced…

Summit Team

Linette Gomez

Linette Gomez
Summit Chair

Vanessa Mbouw

Vanessa Mbouw
Project Manager

Joel Wright

Joel Wright

Anne Hunnex

Anne Hunnex

Lyndon Rego

Lyndon Rego

Howard Kraft

Howard Kraft

Kathy Bittner

Kathy Bittner

Poyee Chiu

Poyee Chiu

Kuku Mesfin

Maha El-Sheikh

Brooke D. Lavelle

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